You are about to start the registration process to join the Arrow Supplier Qualification System

Becoming a supplier to Arrow Energy

Arrow Energy is committed to procuring safe, high-quality goods and services in a competitive, fair and ethical manner from a broad supplier base in accordance with applicable legislative requirements and in support of local industry.

Arrow Energy invites you to register for the Arrow Energy Supplier Qualification System (Stage 1 – Arrow SQS), a secure online database used by Arrow Contracting and Procurement Staff to compile lists of potential vendors when sourcing any goods and services.

This service is free of charge and it is Arrow Energy’s intention that all future procurement will be limited to suppliers registered in Arrow SQS.

Achilles FPS

The second stage of this registration process, suppliers of certain goods and services may have the option to join the fee-based Achilles First Point Supplybase (Achilles FPS), which provides access to a wider database of buyers in the oil and gas industry Please note: this is not a requirement for supplier registration with Arrow Energy. Achilles FPS is a broad reaching community based supplier database used by a number of Australia Oil and Gas Customers.

Arrow Energy Supplier Qualification

The Arrow SQS registration process will ask you for details about your company (details below). Depending on the information provided, you may be required to answer some extra questions as part of Arrow Energy’s pre-qualification process.

What happens next?

It will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete your application. During this process you will need to provide:

  • Contact Details - including your address, telephone and email
  • Company Information - including trading address, company registration number (if appropriate) and website
  • Financial information such as insurances and accounts payable banking information, and finally
  • Products and Services - select the product codes that reflect what your company can offer our clients

To help speed up the process we will check to see if we already hold any information about you or your company.

(Your registration code can be found in the invitation e-mail received from Achilles)
Return to www.arrowenergy.com.au/careers/suppliers/register-your-interest for more information before registering.